Telecom 2

Mounting threats

Risks to businesses, governments and network operators are increasing and ever changing. Fraud, cyber attacks, and internal configuration errors pose real threats to every organization – regardless of size.  In addition, data security is of paramount concern today, can cost millions of dollars in regulatory and civil damages, and the jobs of CxOs.

Securing operations

New technologies can be applied to secure systems, resources, and create collective, shared pools of bad actors. Applying blockchain enables resources to be actively monitored, compared, and audited. Access and usage of data and data storage systems can better governed and controlled. By leveraging AI and machine learning, preventative and corrective actions can be taken and information can be shared with other agencies and organization to prevent similar risks.

The ziotis Approach

Ziotis provides solutions that can help organizations blockchain their systems and resources, and share that information with trusted parties. Its AI products enable real-time monitoring and manual or automated actions based on physical and logical state changes. Collectively, its products can provider better control and governance on how data, systems, and resources are used. Contact us today to learn how.