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Robotics Process Automation

zen RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging form of business process automation technology where software robots and artificial intelligence (AI) workers (bots) can be deployed automate manual tasks, transactions, and processes. By leveraging digital intelligence, organizations can leverage automated systems and bots to perform millions of functions performed by full-time workers each year.

Building a fully-automated robotic process environment where bots can perform the equivalent volume of work of 1,000+ full-time employees is complex and requires careful development and optimization of an RPA architecture. An architecture that encompasses best practices in RPA methodology and includes a set of flexible RPA tools.

Zen RPA is the next generation of RPA technology combining multi-skill capable virtual employees interfacing with a variety of support, data, and AI systems. Once ‘trained’, these can take over a large number and variety of business tasks. You can strategically deploy your digital employees wherever the transaction volume or workload needs them the most. Zen RPA works with both existing and Ziotis’ Zen Product Suite of zero-touch OSS, AI, and blockchain products to provide unparalleled cross-domain automation to maximize return-on-investment.

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