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Predictive Planning

zen Predictive Planner

Planning tools leverage full multi-layer and multi-technology design solutions, multiple data sources, and the customer-experience to ensure feasibility based on accurate views of network topology, utilization, revenue, and return on investment. The ultimate goal is to enable proactive capacity planning powered by big data analytics and machine learning to maximize asset utilization and reduce capital expenditure.

The Zen Predictive Planner is a solution that provides a collaborative working environment between planners in different network domains to eliminate manual planning and design steps and inter-organizational hand-offs.

Zen Predictive Planner addresses the needs of network operators by normalizing data from various external resources and process them in real time. It stores the data in the cloud or on-premise storage, and applies machine learning algorithms to execute the clustering of data and feedback and to take the appropriate actions  based on Zen Automation.

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