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The Internet of things (IoT)


Explosion of connected-Devices

Billions of new, connected devices are projected to come online within the next few years – including phones, wearables, industrial machines, home appliances and more. These devices will be managed, monetized, and the underlying network(s) will have to be configured, provisioned, and monitored.

no-pane-of-glass automation

Human resources and manual processes will not be able to contend with the explosive growth of connected devices.  Instead, highly scalable solutions are needed to fully automate the management of devices and networks – and advanced technology such as blockchain and AI must be deployed to create maximum efficiency, interoperability, and innovation. People, processes, platforms, and partners must all work in concert to capitalize upon this enormous growth opportunity.

The ziotis solution

Ziotis helps its clients by providing data-driven automation, called cognitive automation based on blockchain for the IoT environment. Ziotis’s hybrid network management, blockchain and analytics products and expertise enable companies to both streamline the complex automation and efficiently manage the control plane to seize the IoT opportunity. Contact Ziotis today to learn how.