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Hybrid Automation

Zen Network orchestration

Networks are growing ever complex, and harnessing their power is the key to unlocking innovation, new business models, driving down costs, and increasing reliability.  Automating physical and virtual network management enables organization to leverage lower-cost, commodity hardware to reduce capital expenditures while improving performance and organizational productivity.

Zen Network Management provide the foundation by which software can automatically configure, provision, manage and test networks and devices in physical, virtual, and hybrid network environments. Network automation can also be used in scaling of processes, network analysis, and performance monitoring. It is used by enterprises and service providers to improve efficiency, eliminate human error and drive down costs.

Zen Network Management works with product catalog systems to provide zero-touch automation – breaking down repetitive tasks in predefined, modular sub-workflows – which can be used to address various problems, ensure service-levels are met, and create new services by harness the functionality of the combined network resources.

Zen Network Management is based on a two-layer operational abstraction design, incorporating cognitive process automation and service orchestration. The blockchain process engine allows further integration of external systems based on smart contracts. Zen Network Management takes network automation to a new level, by allowing zero-pane of glass configuration for scheduled services. 

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