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Cognitive Policy Management

zen CPT

Policy management is becoming increasing important as users and systems have more access than ever, and low- to no-touch automation is a necessary component to greater profitability. Policy management systems must adapt in real-time to make autonomous, contextual decisions.

Zen CPT accepts input events and requests from other components, routes the input to the appropriate policies, computes the policy results, and generates response events or actions to be processed by other components. The policies may be affected by information injected into the policy context as changes in business or domain goals, by information derived from previous executions of the policies, and by context information retrieved from other components such as analytics, inventory, topology, and more.

Zen CPT connects to a Trigger System to receive events that can trigger a policy and to an Actioning System to send the result of a policy. The connection support various common technologies, such as messaging systems – such as Kafka and Websockets. ZEN CPT supports context (as additional information) for all events as well as inside the engine to support policies. Context information can be read from any outside source.

ZEN CPT can work with multiple policy engines with different policies deployed on each of them. Context information is automatically shared between all engine instances.

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