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Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) that was originally invented to support cryptocurrency (cyrpto) transactions. Blockchain technology is now being applied to a wide range of applications where trusted and untrusted partners can securely collaborate. Zen Chain allows enterprises and service providers to securely share, sell and monetize their resources, data sets, and other assets to create new business models and forms of innovation. 

Zen Chain can be used to apply blockchain to existing systems, such as network inventory, product catalogue, content distribution networks, billing, fraud, security, and more. It can be leveraged for automated, zero-touch  billing settlement, with no human interaction. Zen Chain also provides usage governance, with full auditability, for internal, external users and systems – such as artificial intelligence systems – to provide much needed control.

Zen Chain symbolizes the internal and external application of blockchain outside of cryptocurrency and is fully integrated with the Zen Product Suite for resource sharing, management, and provisioning. Ziotis clients can then use it to can create smart contracts to share and sell resources or have fully secure external interfaces based on blockchain technology.

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