Blockchain for Telecom


Blockchain for Telecom

Blockchain as a response to disruption in Telecom

We are on the precipice of monumental technical change. The advent of new technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, VR, AR, 5G and blockchain for telecom are transforming the landscape and many other vertical industries.

While many technologies considered to be in their infancy, some are much more advanced. While blockchain may have many potential use cases for scale economy, most platforms lacking clear path to needed scalability for telecom/IoT environment. In telecom space some companies have been extremely successful with their initial proof-of-concepts such as Clear and TBCAsoft. Those companies are mainly focusing on cross-carrier payment which is solving a big issue. Other companies starting to use MEF LSO Sonata interface for data and voice settlement, which was demonstrated at this year´s MEF event in Los Angeles.

Blockchain for telecom is expected to have a wider focus on BSS (Business Support System) initial use cases. The traditionally controlled supply chain in telecom however is breaking up. With the introduction of eSIM, sevice provider are in danger of losing their last contact point with the end-user. OTT application such as Whatsapp, Viber and Skype, right now only at 10% market share, will take over more and more market share (expected to be 60% by end of this year). Customers can now move seamlessly across virtual service providers. The telecom industry is already responding by evaluating new revenue sources, and blockchain for telecom will eventually emerge as a response to the disruption already on the horizon.

The technology, engaged gradually into Operational Support System (OSS) can truly help telecom service providers with increasing revenues (again) in IoT space. Once the scalability is addressed, blockchain for telecom could allow IoT devices to execute smart contracts to perform transactions and to be tracked and shared across multi-service-provider environment.

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