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Advanced Analytics is an integral piece of digital transformation. It provides the information needed to make better, faster and more intelligent decisions.  It opens the door to cognitive automation, whereby systems and software can take action independently of human interactions – and lays the foundation for implementing artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

Innovation in the big data space is extremely rapid, but combining multiple technologies into an end-to-end solution is extremely complex and time-consuming. AI systems also require a significant amount of time and effort to train, and need to be governed to ensure they do not improperly impact operations.

Zen Analytics combines commercial and open source big data, AI, and visualization platforms into a single, simple and scalable solution. It removes the complexity, speeds time to market, and enables you to focus on your specific application and use cases. Coupled with Zen Blockchain, AI systems can be better managed, controlled, and audited – by only providing access to specific resources and data sets, with particular permissions.

With Zen Analytics, enterprises and service providers can achieve optimal operational efficiency by taming, managing, and visualizing massive volumes of data. Whether that be for customer service, network management, fault management, fraud and security, or other applications.

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